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Our core identity remains as “the distributor of the finest brands”, from around the world.

About Us

We Eff n’ Bee Hospitality Pvt. Ltd., is a commitment by a group of industry professionals taken to excel as the leaders in the hospitality service industry, bringing together some of the worlds famous brands under one roof, with Showroom's in Bangalore / Gurgaon / Mumbai / Chennai.

Eff n’ Bee initiates itself to become a one-stop solution to the complete needs of the hospitality service industry. Our core identity remains the same as “the distributor of the finest brands”, however, reinforcing this identity, by focusing on our core philosophy “committed to more than excellence“ by providing the highest level of service to our valued customers and becoming a trusted friend and partner to provide innovative and result-oriented solutions to all their needs.


Through the constantly changing landscapes over the years, Eff n' Bee has successfully navigated the role of great social drinking and eating experiences in all sectors from hotels to retail, bars and restaurants to cafes and workspaces – across the globe. Today we look at these challenging and ever changing times as a chance to evolve once more.  Through our products we want to provide an experience that is meaningful and that which brings to life a story that is yours.

“It is delightful to appreciate that you are so concerned and associated with us professionally and individually, where we could not resist appreciating your efforts.  Your concern towards replacing the defective pieces has brought you very high on our state of mind.” 

Vijay Gurung

Dy. Manager (KST)


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