BURGESS Furniture-UK

Over 60 years of heritage and craftsmanship

Our success is built upon quality British craftsmanship which couples great design with reliability. We offer a wide range of products, including tables, chairs and accessories to make bland spaces on-trend and functional

Burgess Furniture understands the hospitality industry, and we have over sixty years of experience helping customers. Meeting spaces, conferences, boardrooms, events, dining, bedrooms, casual spaces, we have furnished them all.

Whilst our competitors focus on cutting costs, we concentrate on creating high-quality products.

All of our furniture exceeds industry standards in tests. Only the best materials are used to produce our furniture, to give our clients peace of mind.


The Burgess name is your guarantee of reliability.  Our designers and factory are based in Britain. We invest in the training of our staff so that each product is made with attention to detail so you can trust that Burgess Furniture is always high quality.







“It is delightful to appreciate that you are so concerned and associated with us professionally and individually, where we could not resist to appreciate your efforts.  Your concern towards replacing the defective pieces have brought you very high on our state-of-mind.” 

Vijay Gurung

Dy. Manager (KST)


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